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White noise machine



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July 9, 2021

Saime sel nädalal oma Helinaudi kätte! Megatore, et aku oli saabudes täis laetud ja sai kohe usinasti proovima hakata. Esmamulje oli kohe, et nii kvaliteetne asi ja ka helikvaliteet! Ja laps, kes meil muidu üldse magada ei tahtnud, hakkas kohe pikkasid unesid tegema. Nii palju abi olnud juba! Mina olen saanud ka temaga koos ennast nüüd välja magada.

Enne oli kasutusel kurikuulus Moonie kaisukaru ja ka spotify, aga kohe kui track lõppes oli laps ärkvel. Igaljuhul olen megarahul ja juba teisel päeval mõtlesin, et hakkan igale oma lapseootel sõbrale seda kinkima.


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January 26, 2021

Oleme müramasinaga juba väga rahul. Beebil esimesed magusad uned selle saatel juba tehtud.


29 calming sounds

7 ventilator sounds, 7 different white noises ja 15 relaxing sounds such as fetal sounds, birds chirping, waves, lullabies and crickets.

Continuous sound or automatic turn-off

The automatic turn-off function has 3 different timers – 30 min, 60 min, 90 min for a more peacful night.

Night light

It can be used as a night light. The light intensity is adjustable and has 7 different warm tones to choose from. Illustrative pictures show the machine having orange light on.

Sleep experts

We collaborate with sleep experts, so this white noise machine can help even more families. Healthy sleeping habits can be tricky, so why not get in touch with experts in the field. Sleeping is a complex process and sometimes we just need someone’s help with it. Feel free to contact professional sleep experts, who can give you tips and tricks for better sleep.


white noise machine

Size: 96.7mm x 79.1mm x 112.5mm (L x W x H)
Charge time: 2.5 hours

From parent to parent

We know firsthand, what does it really mean to have a light sleeper. We have tried several different things to ease the process – such as using white noise from the phone via bluetooth speaker. After several incidents, where white noise was accidentally replaced by another sound or worse, someone called in and disrupted the white noise which resulted a crying child, we decided to give up on alternative solutions and try a white noise machine. White noise machine helped our child sleep better and took away our anxiety. When our children are sleeping, it is our only time to relax and deal with things that need to be dealt with. Don’t fret, order now!


Portable white noise machine


Continuous sound helps you relax. There are in total 29 different sounds – 7 fan sounds, 7 white noise and 15 relaxing sounds such as fetal sounds, birds chirping, waves, lullabies, thunderstorm and crickets.


The sound machine can be used as a night light (possible to turn the light off). The night light is bright enough while still not waking you up. One can change the brightness and the colors of the night light. There are 7 different LED colours.


The sound machine remembers the last settings you used. When turning the machine on, you don’t have to reset sound, volume or brightness.


The machine has a hanging loop and chargeable battery taht can be charged with USB cable. (USBA-USBC) It is also possible to use earphones on the device (3.5mm).


The automatic turn-off function has 3 different timers – 30 min, 60 min, 90 min. One can also turn this function off, so the device plays for hours and hours. When timer is up the volume is reduced slowly before turning the device completely off.

White Noise machine

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is white noise?

White noise is a specific range of even sound that does not change through time. White noise can be the sound from an hairdryer, fan or even rain drizzle.

Where to place the white noise machine?

White Noise Machine should be placed a couple of meters away from the bed. The perfect spot would be next to noise creating source – next to a door or a window.

How long does the sound machine play?

Batter lasts approximately 7 hours, customers reveal often times it is actually over 12 hours. It depends on the settings. If the device is plugged in, then the sound machine will play until it is turned off. It is also possible to choose between 3 different timers – 30min, 60min and 90min.

Does the sound have any interruptions?

No. It is nearly impossible to recognize the point when the sound is starting to repeat itself. All sounds are very authentic.

Is there a manual for the device?

The manual is included, but it is also possible to download it here.

How long is the shipping?

We do our best to post paid orders on the evening of the same working day if payment is received before 5:00 p.m.

Who would benefit using the sound machine?

1) Babies and toddlers White noise is uniform, it creates a sense of security for children, which helps them calm down and fall asleep more easily. White noise also helps to muffle the sounds coming from outside the child’s bedroom – the child won’t wake up at every sudden sound! The sound machine is portable – it is convenient to take it with you, everywhere. When you are outside the home, the outside noise is often different from what you are used to. The sound machine helps to create a more homely, familiar feeling for the child and he falls asleep more easily. Read more here.

2) Adults with difficulty falling asleep Difficulty falling asleep can be caused by both anxiety and distracting factors – for example, snoring.

3) Adults who want to be more focused By listening to white noise through headphones, a person can concentrate better. Also, the natural sounds of the sound machine help people relax.